Events at the museum Event Calendar

From 28th October 2017 to 29th October 2017

Parkin Bake

Come in out of the cold and see how traditional parkin is made in our Victorian kitchen. Try some upstairs in our Spring Rock Tea Room or take some home for tea....mmmmn.

Current exhibition Exhibition Program

Until 26th November 2017

Landscape and Shore in Knit and Stitch

A wonderfully creative interpretation of the subject matter. Be prepared to be amazed!!

Tuesday Craft Class

Several members meet every other Tuesday evening at the museum. It's a very friendly group and members are very willing to pass on their skills.Further information on the Craft Class.

Colne Valley Art Society

Art Society Thumbnail

A sketch by Ron Ellis, member of CVAS...

Colne Valley Art Society meets weekly (currently in Parkwood Methodist Chapel whilst the Museum is temporarily closed) and produces a popular annual exhibition at the museum. Read more about the society.