Past Exhibitions

Some of our previous exhibitions include:


January 10th--February 22nd.
Day Return A fascinating display of passenger transport memorabilia by one of our members.

February 28th--April 13th.
Stepping back In Time. Amazing display of footwear – including items from the collection of Shaw and Hallas, a long established local retailer.

April18th--May 31st.
Colne Valley Art Society Annual Exhibition A superb display of local talent, with many items for sale as well as the usual 'Bargain Corner.'

June 6th --August 2nd.
Discover Your Family History by Huddersfield and District Family History Society. Discover who lived at Cliffe Ash.

August 8th--September 27th.
Marsden Past Part of the NEW exhibition of Marsden history by Marsden History Group with WEA.

October 10th--November 22nd.
Traditional Drinking 'Oils. An exhibition of paintings of ale houses past and present by well known local artist Tony Haigh.


From 11th August 1979 to 11th August 1979


Colne Valley Tracks and Trails, Past and Present

From 12th January 2013 to 24th February 2013

A fascinating exhibition by the Huddersfield Ramblers Association

A Passion For Collecting

From 2nd March 2013 to 7th April 2013

This unusual and rich exhibition brings together some wonderful items from a wide variety of collectors. Something for everyone! From teapots to toys, antique books to bus tickets, and lots more. What rows your boat??

Colne Valley Art Society's Annual Exhibition

From 20th April 2013 to 27th May 2013

The content and quality of this event gets better every year!
A wide selection of media and subject matter to view, and the usual 'bargain corner' for items to take away on day of purchase.

Edgar Wood--an Arts and Crafts architect in Yorkshire

From 1st June 2013 to 28th July 2013

Also an evening talk on Edgar Wood by John Rumsby.

Mostly Marsden

From 3rd August 2013 to 29th September 2013

A rich display of vintage views and buildings of the Upper Colne Valley from the photographic collection of Clifford Westerby

Catch the Light

From 12th October 2013 to 17th November 2013

A selection of the stunning photographs of our beautiful Pennine landscapes by local photographer Andy Leader.

The Havercake Lads - life in Wellington's army 1812-1816

From 11th January 2014 to 23rd February 2014

A brilliant display of a soldier's life by the 33rd Regiment of Foot Re-enactment Group

Who Do You Think You Are? (or Who Did You Think You Were?)

From 8th March 2014 to 21st April 2014

Find out about your family history and of the people who built and lived at Spring Rock (the row of weavers' cottages which house the museum.)
Huddersfield & District Family History Society

Colne Valley Art Society's Annual Exhibition

From 26th April 2014 to 26th May 2014

A rich selection of local artistic talent, demonstrating a range of media, plus their special 'Bargain Sales' corner.

Bicycles and Mrs Bloomer PLUS Made In Huddersfield

From 31st May 2014 to 27th July 2014

A double programme of exhibitions:
Bicycles and Mrs Bloomer features the history of the Huddersfield Road Club and the career of Brian Haskell, who rode for Viking Cycles in the 1950s and 60s. It also looks at the growth of bicycling in Britain during the 19th & 20th century and the effect that had upon the independence of women and the attitude of society towards them.
And as for what they wore.......(Mrs. Bloomer had a lot to answer for!)

Made in Huddersfield celebrates just a few of the well known products and industries that made this part of Yorkshire famous and respected in the business world.

The Colne Valley - A Personal View

From 2nd August 2014 to 28th September 2014

Photographic exhibition by Di Carey, who has lived in West Yorkshire for a large part of her life, and in Golcar for the last fourteen years. Over that time, she has developed a passion for the local landscape and its wildlife.

A Touch of Magic!

From 11th October 2014 to 23rd November 2014

A fascinating look at the history of magic – a wonderful treasure trove of magical artefacts and materials from years gone by
(with some tricks to try for yourself!)

Home Front

From 10th January 2015 to 8th February 2015

A fascinating exhibition reflecting on how we coped on the Home Front during WW2.


From 21st February 2015 to 6th April 2015

A display from the wonderful collection of the Knitting & Crochet Guild. Talks and demonstrations are also planned--see 'Events' programme..

Colne Valley Art Society's annual exhibition

From 11th April 2015 to 10th May 2015

An exhibition displaying the wealth of artistic talent in the CVAS.

Tony Haigh's West Riding

From 1st October 2016 to 20th November 2016

The late Tony Haigh, a well known water colour artist, was a long time supporter of Colne Valley Museum and we are very pleased and proud to present an exhibition of his paintings, most of which will be for sale, with a percentage of the profits going to the Museum.

The Havercake Lads

From 14th January 2017 to 26th February 2017

The Havercake Lads—Life in Wellington’s Army from 1812-1816
The exhibition will depict the lifestyle of a soldier of His Majesty’s 33rd of Foot Regiment.
As well as close ups of the stunning uniforms visitors will be able to examine the contents of a soldier’s pack and discover the various weapons used at that time.

Who do you think you were? - how your ancestors lived.

From 4th March 2017 to 23rd April 2017

This exhibition staged by the Huddersfield & District Family History Society looks at the families who built and lived in the rows of handloom weavers’ cottages such as those at Spring Rock, Cliffe Ash, where the museum is housed, and also offers the opportunity for people to explore their own family roots.

Colne Valley Art Society's Annual Exhibition

From 29th April 2017 to 29th May 2017

Colne Valley Art Society stage their annual exhibition demonstrating a range of artistic styles and media.

The Victorian Kitchen

From 3rd June 2017 to 23rd July 2017

Take a step down memory Lane and take a nostalgic look at how things used to be in the kitchen.

Felt Good

From 29th July 2017 to 24th September 2017

A wonderful display of felt hangings made by Sue Clay.
Two workshops are also planned - watch this space!

Landscape and Shore in Knit and Stitch

From 7th October 2017 to 26th November 2017

A wonderfully creative interpretation of the subject matter. Be prepared to be amazed!!

Days Gone By

From 13th January 2018 to 25th February 2018

A fascinating exhibition of transport artefacts from bygone days.

Weaving Women's Wisdom

From 10th March 2018 to 8th April 2018

An exhibition of rugs made locally and by a number of different groups as a result of a community textile project supported by Golcar Together.
(Please note amended dates.)

Colne Valley Art Society Annual Exhibition

From 21st April 2018 to 28th May 2018

Am interesting exhibition from the Colne Valley Art Society demonstrating the use of a variety of media.

On My Honour

From 2nd June 2018 to 1st July 2018

A history of the Girl Guide movement in the Colne Valley.

Emily Moor - Bespoke Dressmaker

From 7th July 2018 to 19th August 2018

Many of the items in our costume collection will be on display in 'Miss Emily Moor's Dress Maker & Haberdashery' - from the 'dress-to-impress' to the everyday.

Marsden Remembers

From 25th August 2018 to 30th September 2018

Marsden Remembers - an exhibition by a local history group showing the contribution the Marsden community made in WW1.

Current Exhibitions at Colne Valley Museum.